The Business Behind Web Development March 22, 2017

We have been very busy this past week and the range of topics broad. We are continuing our exploration of WordPress themes (premium themes specifically), and most of us have chosen one to work with for our final project which will be a live site complete with good design, content, SEO, and marketing strategy. After trying out 4 or more themes, you find out that they have similar functionality (or can at least be made to with some custom code), but the interface (aka customizers) looks and... Read More

Luke, Use the Force March 13, 2017

I am going to digress a little today, and give thanks to all of the wonderful staff at Q College. They are such a great team. It’s really a bit like a wee family at Q, and you feel like part of it when you are there. From administration to instructors, each person really goes out of their way to make sure students are getting the most out of their experience, and to give that extra added human touch of humor and kindness (and goodies in the lunch room too - LOL).

Today we not only had... Read More

Themes, Plug-ins, Page Builders, and SEO March 10, 2017

OK- so most of the week we’ve been readjusting our approach to code and design with a focus on customization of themes and templates. We no longer need to build from the ground up, but that doesn’t mean that knowledge and expertise become irrelevant. Although themes, templates and plug-ins save time and give you a head start, if you want a unique and quality product, it still requires know-how, both in designing custom graphics and content and in understanding how to organize it for best... Read More

The World of Wordpress March 03, 2017

We are now knee-deep in the world of Wordpress. After finishing our midterm project websites that were coded from ground up with HTML and CSS, we are basking in the glory of pre-written themes! With a theme there is still room for customization, mostly using CSS. However, the theme developer has covered many of the functionality bases, and has provided different options to the web designer for both this and structure of the site. Like our instructor says, Wordpress is simply a tool for... Read More

Week 5 - media queries and Tectoria! February 27, 2017

Week 5 has been intense. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on our midterm projects which are now due. Making your site responsive and media queries has been a subject of focus this week. Just when you think you’ve got it finished and it’s looking good…. time to tweak the code again. The more you learn, the more there is to add, play with or fix.

We had a nice surprise today and did an impromptu field trip to “Tectoria” - Victoria’s tech tradeshow. It’s so interesting and... Read More

First Month Gone February 17, 2017

We have had a productive last 2 days. Each student is slowly building their site for the first project, which we will wrap up next week. My website, although only basic HTML and CSS, is finally starting to look like something. And this is when it kind of starts to get fun - when you actually see the results. We’ve been getting some personalized coaching for our projects, so that has been very helpful. After some tutorials today, I added social media icons and a nested menu to my site. The... Read More

Pulling the Elements Together February 15, 2017

Mid week 4 and we’re continuing our practice of coding a website with HTML and CSS from ground up. There is so much to learn about the languages, and we’re starting to see that research and resources are your best friends. Even the skilled web developers have to keep up with the latest code developments and trends, and it constantly changes.

We’re pulling it all together this week as we switch frequently from photoshop and illustrator to brackets (the code editor), bringing our newly... Read More

Week 3 - Starting to Design February 10, 2017

Just finished off week 3. We’re back into Illustrator this week, and clipping along at quite a pace. The Adobe programs are quite robust so there is a ton to take in, and since there are numerous ways to execute just about every functionality, I don’t think the learning will stop for a long time! We’ve started thinking about our midterm projects and getting the bones together. The project consists of putting together an 8-page website using basic HTML, CSS, and design concepts, and showing a... Read More

Week 2 Wrap Up February 03, 2017

Wrapped up week 2 today with a grand summary of HTML and CSS. We now have worked with enough of a sampling to mock up a website. Amazing how it all starts to make a little more sense as you get increasingly used to the patterns and language of the code. Still needing the guidance of our teachers, but satisfying to actually see some results on the screen that are starting to look good. It’s also helpful to use the skeleton of previously written HTML and CSS documents to create a new... Read More

RSS and CSS January 31, 2017

We’ve covered a lot of material in these first 2 days of week 2. Yesterday we learned about RSS (Rich Site Summary). RSS is a cool tool really. It is a format for delivering regularly changing web content to the user. It’s not only a good way of staying personally organized, but it makes staying current and curating content for marketing a lot less work. There are various RSS feed readers that allow you to filter and receive content directly to curated lists. We looked at Feedly and... Read More