We are looking for a mid-level to senior full-stack developer to help maintain and develop consumer-focused web applications and the back-end infrastructure that powers our business.

Who we are looking for

You have a thorough understanding of web development and are excited to work on projects with many moving parts.

Required experience:

  • Working on the command line / in the shell
  • Building full stack sites
  • Strong in at least one high-level programming language
  • Minimum: two years of CSC/SEng/equivalent OR one-year professional experience OR portfolio of existing work
  • Web Structure basics

Particular technologies/skills that would be helpful

  • Familiarity with git and merge workflows
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Experience deploying web applications (in particular AWS EC2)
  • Experience developing web applications (ideally with Django and/or PHP)
  • Strong knowledge of a higher level language (ideally Python and JavaScript)
  • Experience with an RDBMS (ideally MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  • Experience writing testable code
  • Detailed knowledge of the structure of the web
  • Experience with CSS and CSS preprocessors
  • Some other intellectual pursuits (math competitions; science competitions; chess competitions; outstanding academics; outstanding musicianship; etc)
  • Office perks : sit/stand desk, private and open work areas, espresso, coffee/tea, fresh fruit and snacks, ping pong and VR.

Benefits : extended medical, dental and life insurance.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

Victoria, BC
Required education:

Required experience:

Programming: 2 years
Python: 2 years
Sql: 2 years
Git: 2 years
Web Development: 2 years
Javascript: 2 years



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