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Drupal Diploma Program - Distance Education, Online Classroom Partcipation

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Want to study Drupal at the only college in the world to offer Drupal diplomas?

At Q our Distance Education allows you to virtually attend our live classrooms and fully participate with other students - raise your hand, ask questions, and share your desktop or web cam. Participate fully as if you were physically here.

NB: Students in the full-time program are expected to attend class from 9am - 3pm (PST)  Mon-Fri.  
Part-time one-on-one studies have a rolling enrolment and can often be custom scheduled to best fit your availability, skill level and time zone.

Please contact our Registrar and reserve your space for the May 2015 program start.


  •     Web design is a highly employable field either full-time, part-time or contract.
  •     Many jobs allow telecommuting and are very flexible in the web design field, making working from home a possibility.
  •     The computer skills learned will be a great assistance in any industry, across Canada and the world.
  •     Employers often call Q College to recruit job-ready students.

Our distance education program covers all the important aspects of:

  •     Installing
  •     Configuring
  •     Customizing
  •     Theming
  •     Extending
  •     Mobile Ready
  •     and maintaining a Drupal CMS powered website.

Our Instructors explore:

  •     Blogs
  •     Discussion forums
  •     Member profiles
  •     and other features while demonstrating the steps required to make Drupal perform.

They also teach fundamental concepts and skills along the way, including:

  •     Installation
  •     Backups and updates
  •     Security and permissions
  •     Flexible page layouts and CSS
  •     Menu navigation
  •     Performance monitoring and disaster recovery

Course Details:

The Distance Education Drupal Open Source Development & eCommerce (DOSD) program provides successful students with a Diploma.

Full-time course:

  •     330 hours of instructor lead group learning
  •     5 days a week, across 12 weeks, for 6 hours a day (9:00 a.m. - 3 p.m. PST)
  •     class size is limited, please register early to reserve your seat 

Part-time course:

  •     100 hours of instructor lead one-on-one training
  •     custom flexible schedule best suited to your your time zone and availability
  •     your are assigned an instructor best suited to your skill level - you can move at your pace and cover extra material if you excel

Course Requirements:

Successful completion of the Web Development & Internet Marketing certificate program is a prerequisite for the DOSD program. However, if the student has equivalent experience and/or skills they may write an assessment to enter the program.  These prerequistes ensure students are at an ideal skill level to be successful in the DOSD program. To start your enrollment, please contact the administation team.

Tuition & Fees:

$6,300.00 - Tuition (HST Exempt)

$160.00 - Registration & Archiving Fee



  • Custom personal and/or corporate Drupal Training also available at your location. We have Q certified Drupal Instructors     available world-wide.
  • Think you've got what it takes to be a Q Certified Drupal instructor? Send us your CV to "jobs @"

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