Mission Statement

Our Mission is to maintain standards of academic excellence essential to our students' future success and to provide the appropriate programs, services and technology to ensure that any student admitted has the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to achieve the highest standard.

Q College will continue to develop innovative and flexible educational approaches to serve the needs of our students. Q College encourages and supports creativity and innovation in the development of initiatives that address opportunities for constructive change. Q College provides relevant, current and innovative programs and services and responds to changes in business and the needs of our learners



Meet the Team

Manny Mandrusiak Executive Director
Manny Mandrusiak - Executive Director

Business Development Specialist with over 10+ years experience in Sales and Marketing as well as Technology Training. His expertise is building solid educational teams that improve the productivity and competency of their company.

Leaoni Webb Director of Education
Leaoni Webb - Director of Education

There are those who teach, and there are those who have a passion for teaching. Leaoni, Q College’s Senior Education Administrator (SEA) and Microsoft Certified Instructor, definitely has the passion. She understands the learning style of each student and adapts her classes to create the best environment possible—relaxed, personable and free from technical jargon.

Leaoni has her Masters in Microsoft Certified Training (MCT) and has completed the Provincial Instructor Diploma program. She has over ten years experience teaching Microsoft Office and has always had a passion for helping and teaching in one capacity or another. 


Alida Sinkelman Senior Administrator
Alida Sinkelman - Senior Administrator

As Q College’s Chief Administrative Officer, Alida ensures the school runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. She handles everything from admissions and registration to the scheduling of courses and teachers, plus the day-to-day multitasking that makes Q College a great place for both staff and students.

Alida loves being outside, so you’re most likely to find her on a beach, a lake trail or somewhere else close to water. It soothes her soul—”nature therapy,” she calls it. She also loves watching hockey, in a dual-fan sort of way. Being from Edmonton, she cheers from both the Oilers and the Canucks, but if her favourite teams are playing each other, expect to see her in an Oilers jersey.

Rachael Steinberg Administrative Associate
Rachael Steinberg - Administrative Associate

Rachael’s time on campus is spent ensuring that Q College runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Rachael’s duties include, but most definitely are not limited to, being the first point of contact for all student and client inquiries, assisting instructors and students, processing registrations and payments, organizing events, and running from one end of the office to the other. It goes without saying that Rachael loves her job and truly takes it to the next level.

Rachael graduated with her Administrative Assistant Honours Diploma from Sprott Shaw Community College on Vancouver Island. Her 15 years’ experience and friendly manner make her a tremendous asset to Q College.

It is no surprise when Rachael is not the office to find her spending time with her three children. She loves nothing more than taking them to Royals games, camping, and exploring the outdoors.

Greg Szabo Instructor
Greg Szabo - Instructor

Greg is a professional freelance designer, musician and producer. A veritable jack-of-all-trades in the graphic realm,

Greg has earned degrees in Marketing/Advertising and Interactive Multimedia at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

He has been working in various facets of the industry in different parts of the country for over a decade from desktop publishing to web development to video/audio production.

Aside from teaching at Q College, Greg runs a freelance multimedia business and leads a local 16-piece funk, soul, hip hop band, The Leg-Up Program.

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